Videos how to

Downloading video from an android smartphone

1. Insert one end of the mini USB synchronisation cable into the mini USB connector on your smartphone, and the other end into a USB port on your computer.
2. On your smartphone, hold and drag the notification bar, and tap the USB icon usb-xxl.
3. Tap Turn on USB Storage and tap OK.
4. On the computer, click Start and then Computer. The micro-SD card of your smartphone is listed as Removable Drive.
5. Double-click this removable disk to open it. Double-click the folder DCIM, and next the folder Camera.
6. Copy the pictures and videos from this folder to any folder on your computer.
7. Here are a couple of really simple guides that you can watch on YouTube

Downloading video from an iphone to your PC

1. Plug in iphone using your Apple cable. ‘Autoplay’ should pop up on screen.

You have two choices now, either
a) Click on ‘Open device to view files’, check both folders for the right video clips, then click and drag those clips into your Groopvideos project, or
b) Click on ‘Import pictures and video’, then click on ‘Import’….. the iphone will then automatically import all your new video/photo files into the PC. Once that is done the PC will open the folder list automatically. Go to the video folder and the new video clips will be there. View which clips you want and drag them into the Groopvideo project.

Here’s a simple guide on YouTube:

Some tips on taking good video with your smartphone or iPhone

1) Always shoot your video with the smartphone horizontal, not vertical.
2) Keep the camera as still as possible while filming, OR, if it’s a moving situation keep the movement as smooth as possible.
3) Never shoot any video with the sun or bright light behind the subject.
4) Try to stay out of any windy conditions if you can.
5) Try to make sure your subject is well lit if possible.
6) It’s not always possible (or desirable!) but depending on what you are filming, get relatively close to your subject for best results.
7) Keep clips to around 15 to 30 seconds if you can.