How can all contributors share the costs?

The unique element of Groop is that it is easy to either create a video on your own OR collaborate fun informative speech topics easily with friends, family or colleagues….and all contributors can share the costs. Here are some examples;

a) Video shorty: with up to 3 friends in a group contributing = It’s Free!!
b) Premium Video : with say, 5 friends in a group = £15.98 each
c) Premium ‘+’ : With say 8 people in a group = £20.99 each

Don’t worry, for the pre-paid Premium services the calculator on the website or App will calculate all the individual costs automatically.

Please note: With the Premium and Premium + services, whoever sets up the video project initially can pay whatever element of the overall costs they want to, so can buy the whole video as a gift in which case none of the other contributors need to pay anything. Alternatively, they can pay whatever element they think is fair and the balance will be split amongst all the other contributors.

How many people can contribute to my Video?

a) Video Shorty : Up to 3 people in total
b) Premium : Up to 10 people in total
c) Premium + : Up to 10 people in total

Is there a maximum number of video clips each person can upload?

There are no limitations to the number of clips each contributor can upload but there is a limitation on the overall quantity of raw video that can be uploaded to the project. Here are the limits;

a) Video shorty : Maximum of 350mb of video allowed
b) Premium service : Maximum of 8GB of video allowed
c) Premium + service: Maximum of 15GB of video allowed

Some minor technical bits….if you are interested! As a general rule, 120Mb of HD video is roughly equivalent of 1 minute of video. This equates to around 9 x 20 second clips which could be uploaded just to create a 90 second Video Shorty. The Premium + could go up to 250 x 30 second clips!
Always bear in mind that 30 seconds of video is normally the maximum required for any one scene unless it’s something exceptional like a speech or long action sequence. Also, the more you want to upload the longer it will take. Always upload your video clips when in range of a good WiFi connection if possible. As a general rule 1 minute of video will take 1 minute to upload depending on your broadband connection.

See the section on how to take video with a smartphone in FAQ’s

When uploading the video clips, is there a maximum allowable file size for a video clip?

Have you noticed that most scenes in films are made up of clips that are between 10 and 20 seconds long? Unless it’s something specific, like a speech or a solo in a live concert, a 30 second clip is more than adequate to capture the to kill a mockingbird chapter summary moment. We do not have limitations on the size of video clips uploaded, other than the overall upload limit on the whole video project itself. Limits detailed below:

a) Video shorty : Maximum of 350Mb of video allowed (approximately 9 x 20 second clips in total, or 6 x 30 second clips)
b) Premium service: Maximum of 8GB of video allowed (approximately 130 x 30 second clips in total
c) Premium + service: Maximum of 15GB of video allowed (approximately 250 x 30 second clips in total)

This is the overall amount of video that can be uploaded for each video project. If you are part of a group collaborating on a video, and want to upload more than 10 x clips to the project, have a look at the files to try and ascertain how big they are before you start. If your upload is refused, then you may have some over-sized files. Try to keep each video file below 60Mb if possible. For anyone using the video shorty free service you will need to look at a potential maximum of between 5 to 10 clips. Divide that number by the number of collaborators and you will see roughly how many clips each one can add.

Don’t forget, the larger the files the longer it can take to upload. Always upload when in range of WiFi and broadband connection, or via a 4G connection… but only if you have a good data contract! In order to make sure you get everything you want on screen please see our simple guide to taking video with a smartphone under ‘FAQ’s.

How will I keep track of things?

One of the great features of our service is that it keeps you informed all the way. As each contributor uploads their video clips to your project all of the contributors in the group will be kept informed by email adding subtle pressure to those who drag their heels a little! Once all contributors have uploaded their clips Groop will confirm the start of the project to everyone and provide a project number. Once the project has been completed all you will be notified by email and will be sent a link to the film for review and download.


How to download video files from an android smartphone to a PC

Don’t forget, by downloading the Groop app onto your Android device or iPhone you can start a project directly from there and won’t need to download the video to your PC

We've a page explaining how here.

How to download video files from an iPhone to a PC

We've a page explaining how here.

Tips on taking good video with your smartphone or iPhone