About us


Groop is the trading name of Groopvideo Limited, a rapidly expanding UK (London) based company staffed by software industry veterans. Groop is a new and unique web or mobile app based service which provides anyone with a smartphone, or action camera, the ability to create a brilliant, high quality and permanent video keepsake of any event to share and enjoy. It’s simple to use, quick and free! Groop take many years of experience of high quality video creation and combines it with a platform that allows individuals, or groups of people, to all contribute with their own video clips. If a longer video of a special event is required Groop provides the ability to buy a Premium video service. If a Premium service is required it is still low cost as everyone has the ability to share the costs and all contributors receive their own copy of the finished video complete with title, credits and backed by a great soundtrack.


The video boom is happening right now. Industry experts tell us that by early 2020 over 80% of all internet traffic worldwide will be video. With Groop now everyone can write their own unique story. Groop is the only video creation app replica watches that allows seamless collaboration with friends colleagues and family. Its so simple…no experience required! Just follow the prompts.
Everyone has high points in their lives. Those special events that are truly memorable. Concerts, club events, parties, weddings, holidays, sporting action. The list is endless! A lot of us take video clips of the same event. Why just let these treasured memories go to waste? Put them together to make something that really captures the moment. Businesses and organisations worldwide use video in newsletters and as a medium to explain products or services. Individuals and businesses need to advertise what they are selling. There’s no need to invest in expensive equipment and services. Create your own videos to use and enjoy straight from your smartphone in HD. If it’s for personal use, post directly onto social media or revisit great memories whenever you want to at home. If it’s for business use then post directly onto social media, upload to YouTube or your own website so that it can start working for you straight away.
It’s a Free service if all you need is a short video to post onto social media or you want to drop something into a fake watches newsletter or advert. It’s really low cost even if you want a longer video as everyone can share the cost. Alternatively, the video can be bought by an individual as a gift, and then all the contributors can be asked to simply add their clips without any cost. Businesses and organisations will be able to buy the video service and invite employees to contribute at no cost to them.


Once all the clips are posted into the project all the contributors will receive a polished video, with title, credits and backing music of your choice.

There are 3 x different services available.

Video ‘Shorty’ – up to 90 seconds long, completed and back with you very quickly. This is a fully automated service which allows anyone with the Groop app full rights to edit the video on the app itself. Just follow the prompts in the app…it couldn’t be easier. We aim to get this back to you within 10 minutes
Premium video – up to 5 minutes long, completed within 3 working days*.
Premium Plus – up to 15 minutes long, completed within 7 working days*
*Please see conditions in the Pricing section

With the Video shorty you have the ability to edit the video yourself through the app. Select backing music, put the clips in order, shorten any of the clips, reduce backing track volume on any of the clips, create your own title and credits.
With the Premium services Groop do all the work for you using professional editors working with your clips. We will always scan the clips and create a video with an obvious or logical timeline (start of the event to the end of the event for example) but whatever treatment of the finished video you would like can normally be accommodated. Just let us know in the notes section when you start the project.

MUSIC: Please note : Groop uses high quality backing music with no copyright restrictions. You are able to choose the musical style (Rock, Country, Reggae…over 50 different music styles!). However, we recognise that, for personal reasons, you may want a finished video with your own choice of music. If that is the case, simply subscribe to Groop at very low cost (see pricing) to use your own backing music to play alongside the video, and then upload your music file when prompted.
Note: Subscription to Groop also means that you will lose all Groop branding from the finished video, and will also be able to work in the Groop app free of adverts.

How does it work?

Take a look at the ‘How it works’ video explainers and it will take you through the simple steps. If you register and start a project then the system will guide you through all the way. It takes literally 5 minutes. Alternatively, go to iTunes or Google play and download the IOS or Android App for Groop….and do everything directly from your smartphone!